Thursday, April 26, 2012

The 24th, and second last, litter mob

We found, in the course of our 24th Litter Mob:

Blueberry flowers, brandy bottles and condoms, trillium, an enema bottle, May apples, columbines, dryads' saddles (the mushroom), earbuds, condoms, condom wrappers, more condoms, and ostrich ferns. Also a lot of human kaka and underpants and more condoms and wrappers and wet wipes, and energy drinks and many malt liquor bottles and a glamour shot of a half clad man and drinks cans and gum and cigar wrappers drug baggies and empty cups and plastic bags and gorgeous, newly leafed trees and woodpeckers and songbirds and hawthorn blossom and field garlic and a ton of mulch.

The pale green-leafed woods provide welcome cover for the men who travel here to have sex, and it was clear that the pace of action had picked up. Only for trash bags were available that day, so once we filled them we broke for some much strewing. That post here.

Thanks to Inge, Franck, Frank and David.

Four bags of heavy trash collected, one woodland path mulched.

The next, and last, Litter Mob will take place on May 1st. May Day, Workers Day, at 9am.

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