The Litter

Note: not for the squeamish.

The regular denizens of the woods hang out, use condoms, chew some gum, light a smoke, and have a drink. And we get to pick up:

Heavy Litter:

Bottles. Lots and lots of bottles. Mostly liquor but plenty of other varieties, too. This can lead to Litter Mob Wrist. Avoid this condition by filling your bag only half way with bottles before starting with a fresh bag.

Then there's the Light Litter.

Type 1:

X-rated: used condoms, condom wrappers, lube packets, wet wipes, soiled tissue paper and associated body fluids. Also evidence of people having defecated -something to be aware of...

As a result of the occasional cuts and scrapes I get while working here my doctor advised me to get Hepatitis A and B vaccinations, which I have done. Wear gloves, use grabbers.Wash your hands or disinfect them as soon as you can after collecting litter. An we haven't even mentioned the poison ivy.

Type 2:

Some drug paraphernalia, such as baggies, but few needles.

Type 3:

Chip, gum and snack bags and packets, plastic bags for carrying everything all of the above and below.

Type 4:

Cigarette and cigar wrappers and boxes. Mostly Newport Lights and Pink Berry. 

So. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

It can be. Leaving the woods cleaner than we found them is very rewarding. And they are cleaner than we found them.