Why does it have to be on a Tuesday? I want to help but I have a job!

Lucky you! No, really: the Prospect Park Alliance kindly lends us a staffperson who supports what we do and teaches us how to perform woodland restoration projects. He is only available in the week. Most of the regular volunteers are self-employed, freelancers, or retirees. Luckily we have more flexible schedules. Unluckily we are not rich.

How can I help if I can't join you?

There are other volunteer groups in the park, moving around as they are assigned. To find out what you can do, contact the Prospect Park Volunteers Office: volunteers at prospectpark dot org

Why do you do this?

Why not? It's there. We all have a virtual litter-filled woodland in our lives. It could be a filthy street corner, a sidewalk, a shared rooftop, a nearby park, an abandoned field, an alleyway or a country lane. I believe that improving the environment improves peoples' lives.

Why do you have to post pictures of condoms?

Because they are there. Again and again and again. Lots and lots and lots. Luckily, they are very light! Bottles are very heavy. I take pictures of those, too. But people remember the condoms. Be grateful for the pictures I do not take and do not post.

Send your questions. I'll try to answer them.

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