Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day Litter Mob

[POSTPONED ON ACCOUNT OF RAIN: rain date is May 8]

The Last Litter Mob, No. 25, will be held tomorrow, May 1st, in the woods on the eastern side of Prospect Park.

We start at 9am and work till noon.

It will be a beautiful day. We promise lots of litter, gorgeous trees and subject-appropriate humour.

Here are directions.

Please leave a comment or email us at     littermob   at    gmail    dot   com to RSVP.

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Gail Zawacki said...

Hi Maria, I share your frustration. I live far away from a city park though...not far from the Delaware River. So my concern has not been the repulsive trash you have so bravely and nobly been removing, but the "trash" we can't see, the ozone in the air.

Most people think air pollution is a problem that has been solved, but actually, only the visible part of smog - SOx - has been scrubbed from sources of emissions.

The NOx - reactive nitrogen - can't be seen, and can't be removed from burning fuel. That, and other precursors are what morph into ozone, which is highly toxic to trees.

If you are noticing trees having problems from fungus, insects, bacterial disease, drought, or for no other particular reason, the underlying cause is that they have no immunity to those natural stressors because all their energy is going into fighting off the air pollution they absorb when they try to photosynthesize through leaves and needles.

There is a similarly well-known but rarely discussed problem for essential, annual agricultural crops.

Good luck with everything. If you are inclined to learn more, check out my blog

particularly, there is a link at the top to "Pillage, Plunder & Pollute" that has basic information, and many links to scientific research.

Either way, keep loving those trees. They are our mother.