Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love in the woods

The woods look pretty good! chirruped the reporter from Channel 12 as I side-stepped a liquid pile of human poo. The first of three to come.

Somehow this mess seems worse when bulbs are breaking ground and buds swelling on slender branches. It's an old song, but I'd like to be planting native wildflowers, not continuously picking up trash that simply reappears every week because no one is paid to pick it up. And because the people who party in these woods keep leaving it behind! I'd like to get going on the swathes of invasives to help restore the woodland to its indigenous best. That kind of volunteerism I can go for. But I am tiring of being the picker upper. We need paid picker uppers.

Blablabla. I may as well knock my head against the trunk of tulip tree. We fenced one off yesterday. The ground around it like dark concrete from trampling. Its base is a spot for sex, and it's on a "desire line" - an informal path cutting across the former forest floor. Compacted earth can harbour no life. Basically, it dies.

Litter Mob 20's Results:

6 bags of trash, one television segment, 2 fences raised to protect an old tulip tree

Thanks to Inge, who kept the Mob running in my absence, Franck, Sophie and David our Leader

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Litter Mob soundbyte

The Litter Mob made the news today after Channel 12 came by for a quick interview.  They spent about 10 minutes on site so you can't call this an in-depth story! I wish someone would dig a little deeper.

Visit the link for the clip.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Litter Mob call up

The 20th Prospect Park Litter Mob happens tomorrow, 9am, in the woods.


Please join us if you can - RSVP in comments or via email. Bring your own work gloves. Disposable gloves, bags and trash grabbers are provided.

Perk: Tuesdays are free entry to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, just over the road. After trash grabbing in the woods head over for some good, hot chile in the cafe and stroll though the witch hazels near the Rock Garden, above.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forest Litter, Feb. 7 - Litter Mob 19

Parks needed us to help with fallen timber today. Guess there'll be more trash in two weeks. Beautiful day. Yet I think of those waivers we signed.

The pics with bright yellow coloring we believe to be yellowroot. Brilliant.