Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surreal spring

Above, on this first day of spring (running approximately 23 days ahead of schedule) we have: The woods.

Condom, plastic enema bottle. 


Moss and (possible) Ornithogalum umbellatum - star of Bethlehem.



Sanguinaria canadensis - bloodroot.

Human excrement.




Ranunculus ficaria - lesser celandine. 

There you have it. The woods in Prospect Park. A surreal day. And I didn't even mention the fish.

Thanks to Franck, Frank, Mary and Joni, and David our Learned Leader.

Litter Mob 22 Results:

7 bags of trash gathered
12 Rubus plants transplanted from the Butterfly Meadow to The Slope
1 bag of fish dispersed

1 comment:

frank@nycg said...

How absurd is it that the most unusual thing seen in the woods today was a group of children?

And the fish.