Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thirsty work

Our 14th Litter Mob, and I headed straight for what we call The Slope. Franck went off in the same direction and I could hear his rustling progress off to the south of me. The Slope is the steep bit connecting flat forest with Rick's Place. Home of the Sex Log (just to orient you. It's a reference point). Elizabeth and Frank headed for the flat, and Inge disappeared into the trees.

My bag was so heavy by the time I'd worked my way up just one informal path that I had to drag it back down. Why? Bottles.

St Ides malt liquor is very popular, but there was plenty of diversity:  Budweiser, Coors, Becks and Corona, too. It's the first time I have seen the one above - Arizona Energy Drink "Extreme Performance". Best to come prepared. So to speak.

The bottle above was hidden in hollow in a tree. An informal trash can.

Of course, bottles are carried in bags, and the bags are left behind, too.

There's plenty more to post. Stay tuned.

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