Thursday, September 22, 2011

What next?

At next Tuesday's Litter Mob we have been invited to discuss with our volunteer coordinator from the Prospect Park Alliance, some strategies for changing the littering in the woods.

Some ideas on the table so far, from a previous informal discussion:

Increasing the number of trash cans in the Midwood.
Partnering with local safe sex organizations or gay rights advocacy groups to discuss possible effective outreach strategies.
Handing out trash bags to people in the woodlands.
Increasing staff presence in the woodlands, both law enforcement and maintenance staff.
Moving downed branches [to protect trees and forest floor] into the unofficial paths that lead to spots frequented for sex.

This is a positive sign, as to date those who run the park have been resistant to change. However I think we're making progress. The most important thing we can do is to carry on. If we remain a presence, the woods cannot sink completely out of sight again, with only the odd, odoriferous bubble popping on the dark, leafy surface...

September 27th, 9am. Our meeting will take place at 10am in the woods. If we are rained out we will meet in the Picnic House, regardless, at 10am.

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