Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Solidago caesia

The best thing I learned in the woods today - this native wildflower's real name. I knew it was Solidago, but there are many varieties of golden rod (the genus' common name), and this one clearly liked dry shade. It was everywhere. So, a little searching online, and Solidago caesia was identified, known commonly as bluestem golden rod and wreath golden rod. The family is Asteraceae, which makes sense given the time of year.

After mobbing, I came home, scrubbed myself from head to toe and...lay down. I never, ever take naps. And this evening I had a martini. I can't remember when last I had martini. It tasted wonderful.

It's driving me to drink, Maud.

I had fostered some foolish hopes for our meeting today with the Alliance representatives.  It was billed as a discussion about the "next steps" to take. That sounded promising. But if any steps are taken, they have to be ours. They cannot/will not approach LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) groups about outreach. I did not ask why. There seemed no point.

Nothing really came of the other ideas on the table. Having a dedicated staffperson in the woods as a zone gardener, handing out trash bags, covering paths...Except that we started to talk about fundraising and a hypothetical, dedicated account for the woods. They were there to say thank you, and that was nice. But I can hear my father's voice, which drove us to distraction as teenagers: Results count, excuses don't.

Yes, they added two trashcans at the entrance the woods! Which had been taken from somewhere else in the park. And they can't be on the soft paths as that would be unsightly. If Prospect Park does not have the resources to rustle up some new oilcans for trash, then we're up condom creek without a paddle.

That is why I had to lie flat.

Money, money, money. Mayor Bloomberg: Hello. This really is in your lap. Our park needs HELP! Because it is sinking. Not just these woods. The whole ship. Have you walked in it, ever? No, not on the nice grass in the west. Walk east, young man. Why is the city not funding public parks? You know, parks that belong to the public, all the public. We cannot privatise everything successfully.

Before leaving the woods Frank and I went to the bathrooms near the Flatbush Avenue entrance to wash our hands. There was no soap in the dispensers in either the male or female restrooms. Again. The three employees resting outside the building said that the person in charge of soap was not there today.

Maybe they only run out on Tuesdays.

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