Monday, September 12, 2011

Sign up for Litter Mob 10

Downed tulip tree after Irene

We will be litter mobbing in the September woods tomorrow, at 9am. Meet at corner of East Drive and Center Drive in Prospect Park.

Here are directions and more information than you will have wanted about what we do...

Please join us, the woods need your help.

Reminder, it is STILL the International Year of Forests. And this is our last forest, so...

("Ours", you ask? Brooklyn's, that is - and you do know that if Brooklyn were not merely a borough of NYC it would be the 4th largest city in the United States, right? Right. So we want this forest to be foresty and not condomy.)

Prospect Park, November 2010

The Department of Environmental Conservation is promoting this Year of Forests with a photographic competition: Celebrating New York's Forests.

These are the categories:

1. Nature (wildlife, plants, or natural landscapes, etc. with a forest-related theme )
2. Enjoying the forest (hunting, fishing, trails, camping, hiking, etc.)
3. Trees where we live (parks, streets, yards, etc.)
4. Forest products (maple syrup, lumber, baseball bats, furniture, etc.)
5. State-owned forests (State Forests, Forest Preserve lands, forested Wildlife Management Areas, Campgrounds)

Winners receive two free nights at a Forest Preserve campground of their choice, a year's subscription to Conservation magazine and bragging rights. Yes, not a big fat check, I know, but if there was more money being thrown at parks and forests someone would actually be paid to pick up what we do...Sigh. Don't get me started.

Deadline for submissions is November 1st. Read the rules and submission guidelines here.

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