Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The stories that litter tells

Fine - we know about the condoms, day in, day out. But what else do we find?

Above, HIV medication. Someone is sick.

Someone actually read this stuff. It is far from any likely point of distribution, unless...Hm.

The gum [see comments] of choice last week.

Tasty when washed down with brandy. 

This was also the brandy of choice and the first time I had seen it. A party? It made a change from rum and vodka bottles, anyway.

Interesting. It beats the sticks with condoms pulled over them, though. The mind boggles.

Need more gum, or perhaps a smoke?

The Pink Berry cigar is by far the most popular.

People are thirsty and obviously too weakened by dehydration to throw these away in the single trashcan. 

Getting angry, Mr Bigglesworth...

[I hate Austin Powers, for the record. But Mr Bigglesworth is too good to pass up]

Incidentally, I have written to Geoff Croft. Twice. He is the mover and shaker behind the NYC Parks Advocates group, the man who says (as quoted here) that volunteers make The Problem worse by doing the jobs that the city should be doing ( I agree! But doing nothing, or calling 311, as he suggests, to get complaints on record,  is not the alternative). No response at all to my two emails asking for advice or feedback.



frank@nycg said...

Mike and Ike, fitting candy, no doubt, but it surely ain't a gum! But a little fruity pill you chew until your fillings fall out, then swallow.

Marie said...