Friday, July 22, 2011

Litter Mob in faux Fall

Photo and 'shopping: Vincent Mounier

Fall came early in Vincent's vision of our May 25th Litter Mob (Litter Mob 2), when the air already hung heavily with premature humidity and trees dripped green. Roll on, fall. 

Where are they now? Many of our volunteers are one-time only visitors. Picking up used condoms and soiled paper for several hours, lugging heavy bags of bottles and repeatedly exercising the jaws of the litter grabber add up to cynicism, some anger, a sore wrist and a callus on the thumb. And stuff on your shoes.

Olga, flame-haired on the left (her hair was not doctored for this picture), has been a stalwart. Frank, beside her in blue, has missed just a couple of mobs. He insisted on going on vacation. Vincent, the photographer , has succumbed to 9 - 5 employment. I am there every time as I cannot very well quit, having started the damn thing.

We have since acquired new veterans, met more one-time only migrants (whose help is hugely appreciated, don't misunderstand me), and collected many, many many...


Many, many, more bags of trash.

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frank@nycg said...

HA! This is so funny. Your hair the inspiration? It reminds that fall will be nice to be in the woods, even for cleanup.

By the way, no comments on your current post about Gantry, which I have too much to say, so its probably best!